PixelPin Photo Awards: Unforgettable

pixelpin photo awards

PixelPin, the product that lets you log-in to lypsso with your favourite image instead of a password, is running a photo competition with a £2,000 prize for the winner and £500 for 2 runner ups.



The competition is run in collaboration with FORMAT International Photography Festival to recognise high quality, international photographers and to source 3 new high-security photographs for the PixelPin Gallery.


All the relevant information on how to apply, deadlines, rules etc can be found in the website: https://pixelpinphotoawards.com


PixelPin is a secure technology built on pictures and emotion that calls on the hyper-visual parts of our brains to solve the problem of passwords. Designed with personalisation and user experience at the heart of the product, PixelPin addresses the urgent need for secure authentication in a world that’s becoming increasingly connected. This is done by leveraging the power of visual memory recall and emotion to create a security product that’s also exciting, engaging and colourful to use.


Try PixelPin at https://pixelpinphotoawards.com/



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